"It has been a week to date, and I am happy to report that most of my dark spots have now turned pinkish. You may remember me as your patient (60+ Years old) who also happens to be an NICU nurse.
I have been a walking and talking ad for your clinic as I tell our kababayans here about my positive experience and results. We have an upcoming class reunion this December and I have been talking to former classmates who are planning to return home and attend to come and check out your clinic. You do good work, and I pray for your continued success.

- Sally Gonzalez, NICU Nurse


“For some reason, and too long after adolescence, I developed a perennial acne problem perhaps caused by stress from work. And those acnes even added to the stress. I’ve gone through different clinics around the metro from the most affordable to the relatively expensive ones. Treatment after treatment, nothing proffered a lasting result. Until VHB, I’ve been acne-free once again for over three years already!”

- Earl Navarro, Activation Director


“Age is just a number. Yes I’m 50+, but I can still pass for a woman in her 30s. No, this isn’t vanity. It’s a way of life. Looking young and fresh can actually make you young and fresh and it gives you a much brighter outlook in your everyday life. This is made possible only with the help of VHB!”

- Babes B. Ng, SunLife of Canada Phil Inc. Manager


“As many overweight individuals like me, there have been so many options for me to trim down but those that promises results are so expensive and very invasive. But not anymore, at VHB, I’ve slimmed down a total of 2.5 inches off my waist and 30 lbs lighter in just two months, without having to go under the knife not spend my lifetime savings!”

- Carol Lim, Career Woman

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